WG Special: Simple Steps To Cook A Sweet Egusi Soup

How to cook egusi soup(melon soup)

Egusi soup is one of the easiest and simple soup you can make within 45 minutes or more.
Egusi soup is also known as melon soup as melon seeds are used to make the egusi soup.
Now there is something unique about egusi soup, I bet most of you do feel the same way about it.
I tend to eat more fufu when I am eating it with egusi soup than other soup.I don’t know if you guys experience this as well.
Now there are different methods which people use to cook egusi soup but this is my own preference on how to cook egusi soup so make sure you learn from this if don’t know how to cook it.


4 cups of egusi seed

3 cooking spoon of red palm oil

Stock fish or cow meat

Two tablespoon of crayfish

Ugu leaves (N100 ugu leave will do)

Salt and pepper and

3 stock cube.

Things you should get ready before you start cooking the egusi soup.

Grind the melon seeds and keep aside.

If you would use stock fish then you will have to wash it properly with hot water and leave it in the hot water to get soft to be able to be broken with hands. But if you are using cow meat then you will have wash the meat properly and if not cut in to pieces, then cut it yourself into small pieces and then cook it first by putting it in a pot, add water to it and also add a little salt and pepper.
Let it cook for about 20 to 30 minutes then turn off the cooker (gas or stove).

Next is to cut the ugu leaves into smaller pieces.

Now you are all set to start cooking the egusi soup.

How to cook the egusi soup

Now put the meat in a different pot or plate and then the water from the meat should be put back on the cooker, then add the grounded egusi to the pot and stir and allow it to cook for about 15 minutes.
Keep checking on it while it’s cooking, if the water from the meat isn’t enough then add a little water till the texture is ok.

After about 15 minutes, you will now add the red palm oil to the cooking pot, atleast 3-4cooking spoon of the red palm oil will be ok and if not ok yet add a little more and stir.

After about 5 minutes of adding the
Red palm oil, add the cooked meat and the ugu leaves which you’ve cut into pieces to the pot and stir.

Then lastly, 2 minutes after adding the ugu leaves,add your stock cubes, pepper and little salt to the cooking pot and let it cook for about 10 minutes then turn off the cooker.
And that is for how to cook egusi soup.Hope you enjoyed and learnt how to make egusi soup.

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