How To Identify An Original Power Bank

Having a powerbank is very useful and good but problem may arise when you buy or have a fake one which can cause hazard to your phone by damaging it or the battery or even catch fire and in the process destroy your phone or tablet.
So today i will help you in identifying the original and fake power Bank especially here in Nigeria where we have so many fake power banks and also give you the best power Bank to buy right here in Nigeria.

How To Identify a fake Powerbank

The first and foremost in identifying a fake power Bank is if the power bank has a brand name. When buying a powerbank, check if it has a brand name cause many power banks especially those sold here in Nigeria doesn’t have a brand name instead what will be written on it will be POWER BANK. When you such one don’t buy it’s a fake power Bank and might damage your phone. Fake powerbank comes with a fake capacity like for example you see a power bank written 50000mAh but charges a phone or tablet battery of 2500mAh just once or twice. Such Power Bank is confirmed fake one and if you continue using it, know that on the long run it will damage your phone or tablet. Most fake power Banks especially the ones sold here usually have a very high capacity written on it like for example a power Bank capacity being 50000Mah,100000mAh or even 30000mAh. Most of them are fake though some might be original but as long as it’s here in Nigeria, it’s confirmed fake don’t buy.

How To Identify An Original powerbank

1. Original power Bank comes with a brand name.
2. It doesn’t have exergerated high capacity like 30000mAh,50000mAh,100000mAh etc. 3. The charging capacity tallies with what it is written on it depending on your battery capacity too

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