The Agony Of Private School Teachers

Though private school is the largest employer of labour in Nigeria(shame on our government) who pays NCE, HND, Degree and Master holders between 15,000 to 35,000 monthly.

A teacher receiving 35,000 may or may not have a salary increase for the next five to ten years of teaching. Even when the salary is been increased, may be by 10% at the end of five or ten years of teaching.

There was this lady in a private school close to my house, she started working even before i got admited into the university, now she decide to resign from the teaching job as the 25,000 naira been paid to her for the past ten years could no longer meet up with her needs. She wrote a resignation letter a month ahead and all she could get was same 25,000 she receive monthly.

But in same Nigeria we have Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacist and so on protesting and going on strike for an increase in salary scale aside the huge amount been paid to them monthly.

Private teaches and even government own primary and secondary schools are been treated badly.

We saw on news how alot of private school teachers been treated and some even killed.

I even learnt that some private schools in the west pay as little as 7000 to their teachers, what a pity.

A private school teacher will be ask to take the whole JSS1 to SS3 classes.

Most atimes you dont get your salary till after 5 to 10 days of the month.

A private school teacher is been imprisoned between the 7am and 3pm that even to take a breakfast you must get a pass before you could go get your food.

A friend of mine took a permission to go for an interview at Usmanu Danfodio University which lasted for two days, he was sacked the third day he returned to the school.
I hope this minimum wage will affect them becouse even the NLC dont put them into consideration.

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