A Brief History of the Beautiful Patan Patola

Guarded through centuries, art only the chosen few inherit – Patan Patola.

Vasansi Jaipur presents a quick look back.
The story of Patan Patola dates back to the 12th century AD owning to Rajarshi Kumarpal of Patan.

Being a Jain devout, he needed a fresh set of clothes before his temple prayers.

PATOLA, a holy cloth, was believed to carry religious and miraculous values and was King Kumarpal’s utmost preference. Back then, it was sourced from the state of Maharashtra.

Later it was learnt that the king of Jalna used patola as bedsheets before sending it to other regions.
Offended King Kumarpal brought 700 weavers to Patan to solely weave for his kingdom. Transforming PATAN into the hub for celebrated PATOLA.

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